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These Freakers are first learned about when Deacon eavesdrops on a NERO researcher that is performing a field vivisection on a Freaker.

The researcher notes that the Freaker is a new type called a Bleacher that was observed recently and is stronger than the more abundant Swarmers. According to the notes the researcher is dictating into a micro recorder, there seem to have been over a thousand Bleachers sighted so far in the area.

Bleachers are pale, nearly albino, Freakers that increase the challenge in a fight by being a stronger threat than the Swarmers that Deacon had dealt with up until then.

Unlike Swarmers, the Bleachers seem to be more solitary and there do not appear to be any Bleacher Hordes nor even any significant numbers of Bleachers to be found where Swarmers have gathered into a horde.

Bleachers are easily able to knock Deacon off of his motorcycle if they can lunge at the right time to catch him when he rides past, making them more dangerous to ride past.

The best methods for dealing with Bleachers seems to be stealth attack, stronger melee weapons, or slightly higher powered guns than the ones Deacon starts with. They are easily killed via a stealth attack with the boot knife.

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