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One of the more dangerous Freakers in one to one combat is the type of Freaker known as the Breaker.

Breakers are exceptionally large Freakers and seem to be exclusively male. Either having had naturally brawny builds before the Freaker Virus mutated them, or having been in some way enhanced by the virus, the Breaker is a brutish Freaker that will attack Swarmers and tear them apart before feasting on them.

Deacon first encounters a Breaker during a mission he undertakes after arriving at the Lost Lake Encampment. His first impression of the brute is a memorable one and the fight that follows can be one of the toughest fights in the game.

Seeming to shrug off most melee attacks, Breakers are beast dealt with by employing a mix of run-n-gun tactics with a high powered automatic rifle and a combination of molotovs and high explosives.

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