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One of the more controversial enemies in Days Gone are the child Freakers known as Newts.

Newts are Freakers that appear to range in ages from 10 to 14 and gather together in small groupings in areas where they can climb to rooftops or other high areas to escape from larger Freakers and other predators.

It is revealed in the story for Days Gone that when the initial virus spread, the very young and very old who were infected died. Newts are those children that escaped the initial deadly effects of the virus and evaded danger in the two years that followed.

Their ages suggest that the youngest survivors of the initial outbreak were likely not over six or seven years old, with the yongest having died from predators or starvation in the time since. Most of the youngest Newts were likely around age eight or nine when the Freaker Virus first spread.

These child Freakers are an aspect of viral outbreak situations that many games and movies shy away from, but the exclusion of them is a disservice to the harsh truth of such a situation. There should, logically, be pre-teen victims of the virus (or whatever happened), unless the intent is to indicate that larger enemies have slain all of the younger and smaller ones.

Days Gone has made it possible to avoid needing to harm Newts in most situations. So while it might not be possible to finish the game without killing any of them, it is possible for Deacon to not kill any more than he has to.

Newts are wary of possible threats, so they will scramble to the highest available location when enemies approach. They are not, however, entirely helpless. Two years of surviving has taught them to fight when neccessary and if their rooftop sanctuaries are invaded they will attack the intruder. They will also attempt to perform stealth attacks on enemies that they detect to be in a weakened condition.

Some Newts are scavenging specialists that have learned to ambush unwary victims, grab whatever they can easily snatch, and run off before they can be attacked. These Newts wear backpacks, presumably to stash their stolen treasures for transport back to their rooftop sanctuaries.

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