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The first encounter with a Rager occurs after Deacon leaves the Lost Lake Encampment and heads south over the pass toward Crater Lake.

After crossing over the pass he comes to a cabin that has been turned into an outpost. Three men are trying to get onto the roof of the cabin as Deacon pulls his bike into the area, just in time to see one of the men get pulled to the ground and mauled as he tries to reach safety. The man’s companions have made it to the relative safety of the roof and the sound of Deacon’s bike has drawn the attention of the Rager – resulting in a fight to kill the bear with the two unarmed men on the roof shouting encouragement.

The Rager is a large sized black bear that has contracted the Freaker Virus, possibly by having eaten other kind of infected Freakers.

Ragers are exceptionally tough and characterized by a splotchy mange look to their fur that is most likely caused by the advanced stages of the Freaker Virus. They also have barbed wire tangled around them from having charged through fences, possibly in pursuit of Swarmers or other potential prey, an accessory that can only add to their foul moods.

Ragers appear to be best dealt with by running from them while using molotovs, explosives, and powerful automatic weapons. If caught it is possible to struggle free, but it is generally not advised to try using a melee weapon against them.

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