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These are a special type of Freaker in Days Gone that appears shortly after Deacon reaches the Lost Lake Encampment.

Screamers appear to always be female and might be connected in some way to the Bleachers due to the fact that Screamers seem to always have long white hair.

Moving in a somewhat jerky gangly manner, the Screamers can be quick runners. When a Screamer detects something nearby they will let out a scream that will cause Deacon to be stunned and disoriented if he is close to the Screamer. If he is on his bike the disorientation effect can potentially cause loss of control that could result in a crash that can leave Deacon vulnerable to attack.

The scream of a Screamer will attract nearby Swarmers that will come to investigate the area. This can be dangerous if Deacon had been on his bike and crashed it or if there is a horde of Swarmers near enough to respond as a large group.

After the Screamer has sounded her alarm to nearby Swarmers, the Screamer will often move away from the area to what she feels is a safe location and, if not stopped, will likely scream again – possibly attracting even more Swarmers.

When possible, Screamers are beast dealt with from a distance with a carefully aimed headshot to kill them before they can scream.

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