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The most abundant enemy in Days Gone is the Swarmer. These are the most common Freaker type and roam the open world in groupings that can range from small groupings to massive hordes that can number in the low hundreds.

In smaller numbers they tend to be loosely grouped with individual swarmers straying away from one another in search of food or water.

These smaller groups are easily fought, particuarly if tactics are used. Such as luring individual swarmers to areas where they can be stealth killed or using an attractor to gather the Swarmers into a group for a well-placed molotove or pipe bomb.

Swarmers are attracted to movement and noise and will rush at a location before pausing to search for the source. This makes them susceptible to being lured into a vulnerable position by throwing rocks.

When Swarmers gather in greater numbers they can pose a serious threat, sometimes moving as a horde from location to location and giving chase if they detect movement or hear sound such as nearby gunfire.

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