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One of the most dangerous encounters in Days Gone, particuarly early in the game, is with a group of enemies that is called a horde.

A horde is a large number of Swarmer Freakers that have gathered together at an area; such as a source of water, a mass grave they feed at, or in some kind of shelter where they sleep during the day.

When encountered alone, or in very small groups, Swarmers do not pose much of a threat. In large numbers, however, they are extremely dangerous and can quickly overwhelm Deacon.

Hordes are best approached with caution, particularly early in the game, and careful preparation and planning should be used to assure survival when taking one on.

Later on in the game Deacon will be much better equipped to deal with the hordes, making it preferable to wait until after having finished the main story before becoming a horde hunter.

For those seeking a true challenge, however, and willing to exercise some careful planning and preparation, tackling hordes in the earlier stages of the game can be a rewarding challenge that can net Deacon a lot of freaker ears to turn in at emcampments for camp credits and increased trust.

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