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Nest Residue

Nest Residue is a special item that Deacon can collect in Days Gone after he has unlocked the Residue Bolt for the crossbow.

After a Swarmer nest has been burned a pile of concentrated residue ash can be found around where the center of the nest had been. This concentrated freaker residue acts as a powerful narcotic substance that, when applied to a crossbow bolt and fired into a Freaker, can cause Freakers to attack nearby Freakers.

Note: Residue Bolts are not effective against Newts. Because of their small size, the residue will poison the Newt via an overdose before it can enduce it to attack others.

Fairly early in the game, if Deacon returns to the first location where he encountered NERO researchers at a helicopter landing site, he can find a NERO micro recorder. It is sitting on a stack of crates the research team presumably left behind near where the helicopter had landed. The message on this micro recorder reveals that nest residue has narcotic properties, leading to the possibility that the powdery drug that Rippers are seen to imbibe is likely nest residue.

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