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Destiny Beta – game review

Bungie gave us all a sneak peek at Destiny in a  open beta that gave players a glimpse into the world of Destiny, and for a brief time the Moon as well.

There were a few errors of being booted and having to reconnect, but the game was being prodded at while we played it and the Bungie Twitter feed expressed their gratitude as things came to an end…

Destiny-guardian-hunter So, what did I learn from my time in the world of Destiny? The Hunter class is most definitely my kind of character class.

A big hand canon, a sniper rifle and a big knife, all in one? Yes please! Sign me up! The hunter can even get a shoulder cape and hood. What’s not to love for an avid thief and assassin player like me?

Then we have the Titans, the soldier and mercenary types with the big guns and a charge in and take everyone out attitude. I got to see this class as well, since it is the one my regular co-op partner enjoys, and I have to say, I am impressed. In the Beta my hunter got a second weapon a bit into the area. A sniper rifle. I was so happy. For my co-op partner on the Titan, he got a shotgun, his weapon of choice in all situations where close up major damage is highly desirable.

The Titan also got a really powerful punch in melee, where my close quarters move with the Hunter was a fast jab of her hunting knife.

I did not get a chance to check out the Warlock, but if the Hunter and Titan are any thing to go by then the Warlock should be a great character for anyone that likes to do battle with magic-style attacks and powers.

The world seemed to flow nicely, with no discernible lags on my end using a PlayStation 3. There were times when I was booted, but I attribute those to the programmers playing around while I was. I also noticed a small change in the AI of the Fallen when trying to get through to the ship. As the Hunter I was noticing rather good responses. They searched for me at times and would back off to regroup when they found me and I killed one. They also responded to were I shot my rifle from, cautious enough of that area I was able to sneak around to snipe another from a different location. Not always, but it could be done. Sometimes they seemed to be wise to the danger of only watching where the shot came from though.

Unfortunately, that intelligence dropped to near zero when I watched my co-op partner do a solo run through that area. The AI did not seem to know what to do about a maniac that charges in guns blazing. At one point they just stood there while he popped them off with the assault rifle one at a time. We attributed that loss of IQ on the part of the AI to the programmers doing brain surgery though and had a good time of it.

Something that was really neat that I only got to see my co-op partner play with was the bike. In the open space, before getting to the ship and back to the city, my co-op partner summoned up a small speeder bike. I can’t wait to play with that in the fall.

So, disappointments? A few. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of full customization capability on the character creation. I play a male half the time and there was no strong high jawline human males that did not end up looking more Native American than Caucasian. I would have liked to be able to at least change the eye shapes on them. Which leads me to disappointment number two. I have this liking for characters that have black hair and purple eyes. No purple eye color, but at least there was grey, my second choice in eye color.

The other issues, which were more serious in my humble opinion, were the lack of “Are you sure?” prompts in a couple of places. I and my co-op partner both accidentally skipped half of the intro video when we bumped the O button. It would have been nice to be asked “Are you sure you want to skip?” The second was in character creation. I tried to move to facial markings and moved too low on accident, hitting FINISH on an unfinished character. No “Are you sure?” prompt meant I had to delete that character and start over.

A couple of places I want to comment on that are not really much to do with a review of the game are the shotgun. You fire the shotgun and you see a dozen or so little 17’s float up. Each pellet hits and damages. Very kewl and something that made us love watching them get hit by it.

The other point was when I logged in with my character there was a rush of guys coming up to me and dancing or sitting beside me or generally following me like lost puppies. It took a few, but I finally realized I was the only female character in the area. It was not so bad, until one of the ones that decided they wanted to follow me decided they also had to keep all the other guys away from me. That was the point I decided to just call it a night and logged off, which means I unfortunately did not get to redeploy back to the level 2 area or get to see the Moon, and I missed the closing party dance-off. Pity, I would have liked that. Next beta, I need to remember to use my male character and not a female one, but… that would not have worked here. The PlayStation user name is displayed rather than a character name.

I would like a customizable name over the head, so players online don’t see ShadesDaughter over top of my male characters. ::facepalm::Overall, I had a lot of fun and can not wait to get back into the world of Destiny in September.

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