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Division 2 has an Easter Egg for Terry Pratchett’s Diskworld series

In the Space Administration Headquarters building there is a secret room where fans of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld can find a very special Easter Egg.

To get to this wonderful treat is not easy, but it is well worth if for true Sci Fi fans.

To reach the secret room you need to access some office equipment, solve a bit of a puzzle, and do some quick acrobatics, but it is well worth the effort to see this wonderful tribute for yourself.

The quest begins on the second floor of the Space Administration Headquarters building, where you will find a room with prototype models. Make your way through to a computer terminal that you can access tucked in a corner. Interact with the computer to get the code for the secret room’s door, then go out and take the stairs on up to the third floor.

Along the way you will want to be on the lookout for any printers you can interact with. Find one and look at the page it prints out. There are a few different pages that get printed, but you just need to find a number on the printout and make a note of it. One of the printouts is about the arrest of a Flat Earther, and some have said you need that printout, but I got my number off a different one and still got the door open.

You will want to keep going through the mission until you descend down an elevator shaft on a rope. When you get down the rope in the elevator shaft there will be a door to your left that is marked laboratory. You should be able to interact with the panel next to the door to open it.

Inside the lab are four computers. Puzzle solvers will quickly note that there is a specific number of items on three of the desks, and a notepad with a number on it on the fourth desk. The items on the desks indicate the computer’s number. Interact with the computers to match your number. So if you have 2122 you want to interact with the second computer, then the first, then interact with the second computer two more times.

Done properly the door will open, but… we’re not done yet. One more nearly insurmountable task remains before we can have an audience with the Great A’tuin.

At this time there is an invisible wall that blocks the door that will open. If that has not been fixed in a patch, then you need to problem solve your way past the barrier much the way the early astrozoologists overcame their own obstacle to gaze upon the Great A’tuin for themselves.

To get past that barrier you need to “take cover” beside the door near computer number one, then do a roll into the room. (It worked both times I tried it.) To get back out just take cover near the door and try rolling out of the room. If that fails (did for me on my second try) then you can teleport to a party member or to the mission start point. (I suggest, if you are alone, you save entering the room until the mission is finished. Just in case something goes wrong and teleporting out restarts the mission.)

As for the Easter Egg you’ll find in there…

If you are curious about why some folks (like me) shrieked with delight to see that, and will go through all of that just to see it in person, you can find out at the Astronomy and Space Physics site of Uppsala University in Sweden. (Or just Google “The Great A’tuin”.)

Now, I must go and gaze upon the glorious sight of the Great A’tuin some more. Take care and enjoy whatever game you’re playing.

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