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Entry Area for the Research Hospital Model

I got a start on the doors of the research hospital today. This is based on older styles such as old sanatoriums and the like, so the entry area is not particularly wheelchair friendly, but it is based on an image of an actual hospital entry from an abandoned hospital in Beelitz, Germany, that I found on Shutterstock.

Here you can see the basic model I have been working on, no textures have yet been applied to this base mesh and the windows that surround the door are still solid panes. I might decide to widen the door a little more, since I am thinking this will most likely find its way into a video game one day, but for now the door is set at 4’wide by 8′ tall, which seemed to be the rough scale of the door from the picture I had found. I will adjust the door size once I am happy with how the model looks overall.

The ceiling tiles are most likely going to end up being my basis for measuring the rest of the model, since they are going to be rather uniform and detailed with the molding of the inset wood panels.

For now my goal is just to block the entry hall and the main entrance doors in so I can create a complete environment area suitable for use in a game or animated film, then after testing that in the Blender Game Engine I will focus on adding in higher levels of details before I add textures.

This is the first actual full scale level area I have tried to design as a completed level piece, so it is a learn-as-I-go process to determine what works and what does not.


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