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FFXIV Freecompany Leadership Change

I have found myself in a position that I am not used to being in- in fact, I’ve never been in this situation before.

Let me start at the beginning, though.

I have an alt that I did not want to use for roleplay, she was intended to simply be a character I could play the story on and not worry about any need to develop a backstory or do roleplay with her.

Shortly after making her I saw someone shout for members to join their freecompany and decided “why not?” The freecompany was not a roleplay focused one, and it would give me the experience buff for leveling her, without the need for me to be asked by others to roleplay. Seemed like a good fit for her.

Everything seemed to be going okay, aside from members kept leaving the freecompany. Then the few who were in the free company stopped logging in. I kept trudging along, leveling up my character. Then today, the free company dropped out of the leader’s posession and into the posession of my alt.

It is a rule by Square Enix that if a freecompany leader does not log in for 35 days, then the freecompany changes ownership to the next person in the ranking that has contributed the most to the company in the previous seven days. I’ve been the only one contributing anything so even though I was the lowest rank, I ended up being the new leader for the freecompany.

Now I face a “what do I do?” I want to rebuild the freecompany, but… is there a certain timeframe one needs to wait before they declaire an abandoned freecompany as actually being theirs to rebuild? I’ve been getting a few suggestions on that in my looking around, most of the suggestions seem to be that as soon as the freecompany changes hands it’s the new leader’s to do with as they please. But I plan to give a bit more time on it.

Any thoughts on this are welcomed. What seems like a good hold period before a new leader can start rebuilding an abandoned freecompany as their own?

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