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Final Fantasy XIV: Beast Tribe Quests: Getting from Friendly to Trusted

I have been working at the Amalj’aa Beast Tribe quests for some time now, since they came out in fact. I had to take a long break from the game and recently got back to playing it, and back to doing the Amalj’aa quests. Yesterday I finished the quests and everything looked good, the tribe  talked like I was all finished, however, I was still on “friendly” status and could not figure out how to change that.

Today I went back and talked to the guys with the quests and did 6 more quests for them. When I turned those in it told me that I already ad maximum approval with the Amalj’aa. I was a bit at a loss for what to do and so I looked online and found I was not the only one that got a bit lost in the sudden drop at he end of the Amalj’aa story.

It turns out that after you finish the quests and have hit rank 3 with 510 points into that level (effectively hitting rank 4), with the Amalj’aa, you need to go back to UlDah and talk to the guy there at the Immortal Flames who originally gave you the quest. It had been so many months since I started that quest I had completely forgotten how I had originally got it. I now have my little drake and am so very happy.

When you do unlock the drake you will need to purchase him from the Amalj’aa vendor for 120,000 gill. I suggest also buying the Amalj’aa Supply Carriage for an additional 26,136 gil to give your new mount somewhere to sleep other than the chocobo stables. Fire breathing drakes do not do all that well around dry straw you know. I got a supply wagon and put it alongside the chocobo stables at our guildhall so the chocobos and drakes each have their own places.

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