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Final Fantasy XIV: Hotkey to summon mounts and minions

After finally getting my drake from the Amalj’aa, the first thing I did was create a hotkey for it. I use a PS3 to play the game, so your setup may be different, but here is what I did.

START > System > User Macros

Select an empty Macro space and create a new macro. Name it whatever you want, mine is named Smaug, the name I have given to my little drake. You can also assign it a icon from a selection of icons. There are not a lot of them, I picked the sword in a gold border.

Now, the code for the macro is…

/say Let’s go Smaug!
/mount “Cavalry Drake”

Pretty simple, huh? You can put anything you want in the say line. Then hit square on the controller and assign your new macro to the hotbar and when you hit it rather than the standard drake mount hotkey your character will say “Let’s go Smaug!” and blow the summoning horn for the drake.

I placed both the standard button and my created one side by side on one of my hotkey sets so I can tap either one. “Let’s go Smaug!” is annoying if used all of the time, and it does not fit if I use the hotkey instead of L3 for dismount.

You can do the same for minion summons. My arcanist summons the Emerald Carbuncle using the following macro sequence:

/ac “Summon” <me>
/wait 7
/say Go Kirara!

The /wait 7 causes the /say command to delay until right when the Emerald Carbuncle appears.

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