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Final Fantasy XIV: people rolling Need for wrong reasons

There is a problem in Final Fantasy XIV for people that are trying to upgrade their gear by running dungeons. Too many players have no concept of how to use the NEED – GREED – PASS options when items drop in dungeons. For those who are playing the game for the fun rather than racing to be the best endgame player on their server, the option to NEED on an item is for those who genuinely need the item for upgrading their gear. Any other use constitutes a GREED roll, even if they could need on the item.

This afternoon I ran Arboretum on one of my characters and at the start of the run someone said they had not been in there in a long time. I said I was sorry, I selected it as the highest level dungeon I could run because I really need to get better gear. Everyone was kewl with that and we set off on our run. The first bit of gear that dropped was the Machinist boots, which I could have easily taken, since I was the only Machinist in the party. I did not really need those boots, however, since I have the Antiquated Machinists Boots that are ilvl200. So, rather than click NEED, I clicked on GREED to give everyone a chance to get them and someone else in the party won them. All good.

Toward the end of the run the Choker of the Lost Thief (ilvl185) dropped and I was super happy because that was a item I really, really, needed. I was wearing the Halonic Auditor’s Choker (ilvl142). I rolled need, as did one of the other party members.

I commented that I was disappointed to have lost the necklace, since it was an upgrade for me, and the guy apologized saying he had not known. I said at start I picked that dungeon because I was after better gear, so… yeah, hard for him not to have known I might need the necklace. He was wearing a necklace that was over ilvl200 and said he only needed on it because he is desynthing goldsmith things.

I was polite about it, but I was not very amused to hear that the guy NEEDed on gear I genuinely NEED to be able to run the next main story quest dungeon. Thus, this post was born to try to help remind people that the NEED option is for people that actually NEED the item. Certain things it is okay to NEED on, things like coffin lids, minions, music, mats for crafters…. but please. PLEASE. Only NEED on gear items if you are needing that to upgrade your class, because rolling NEED on a piece of gear someone else genuinely does need is not nice. Especially if all you plan to do is trash it or trade it in for a few seals at your Grand Company.

If everyone were to play the game with a bit of kindness toward their fellow players, then it would be a much better experience for all.

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