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Finally got PS Plus again

I finally got PS Plus back, so I can play The Division once again. YAY!

Ended up getting a few of the shields right off the bat as soon as I got logged in.

The shields that I still need are:

  • Marshal – own all exotic armor and weapons
  • Talon – 3,000 commendations
  • Rebel – Make it to wave 15 in the Resistance
  • Fang – Complete Legendary missions
  • Phoenix – Survival, extract 5 items, kill 5 hunters, and survive for 5 hours.

Marshal was easy enough. I just needed to move all my exotics onto one character, then went over a list to find the one I was missing. It turned out that I had never purchased the Cassidy, so I just had to step over to the gear vendor behind me and buy that and the shield was completed.

To get my 3,000 commendations for Talon I went on a spree of completing commendation segments. It turns out that each part that awards a cipher key fragment also awards you with a commendation point, so I did a few small ones that were close to being finished (like lock pick 12 doors, or reroll stats on so many items).

I’ll be working on the others as I get time over the next few days. So far the only one that I foresee having any trouble with is killing five hunters in Survival, since I will need to gear up before I can fight them in there, which takes time that you really do not get in Survival mode.

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