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Flu hitting me hard, house in Final Fantasy XIV was stolen from me, and I lost a dear friend… all in the same day.

I spent the day unfocused thanks to a combination of stress and the flu. By the time I did get my focus going and logged into Discord and Final Fantasy XIV I discovered that the person I had let take over my free company had decided that he was going to toss everyone out because it was failing to be what he had wanted it to be. And when I say everyone I mean everyone- including me!

This will be the third time I have trusted someone in that game and been thrown out of my own free company because of it. I’m starting to really dislike this pattern.

This guy had sworn up and down that if I let him have control he’d never throw me out and if it came to a split that he would leave the company rather than me having to leave it, because he knew that out of all the houses in the game that small house was the one that I wanted most of all – even more than a large house.

Me and a few others tried to convince the guy to give us a chance to save the free company, but he refused to let us. Even though he had recruited people on the promise that the players shaped the free company, the free company did not shape the story of the player’s characters, he wanted to throw everyone out for not liking his campaign as much as he wanted us all to like it.

So, yeah, bad case of flu with real world stress threatening to drown me and now my one escape into a video game has been given a huge black mark by someone that I had at one time trusted.

The painful part, however, is that one of only four people not part of my family that I really DID trust and called friend went against me on the situation, even though they knew how much that small house in the game meant to me. That lost friendship hurts more than pretty much anything else.

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