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Found old manuscript from 1998

Many eons ago, back in June 1998, I spent the month typing away on a computer that I had borrowed from my sister. As my parents and my sister sat out in the dining room playing pinochle, I sat in my bedroom typing away on a story that would have the working title The Shadowlord’s Gambit.

I remember going to the library that year and pouring over books that listed published novels so I could be sure that no one else had yet published a story under that title.

In August I printed the entire manuscript out on a dot matrix printer, diligently pulled the edges with the holes off the pages, and set to work rereading it. That fall I pulled the sheets all apart, punched holes in them, affixed little paper re-enforcement things to them, and put it all into a rather large three-ring binder that I took with me when me and my parents went for a road trip from Alaska to the Mexican border and back up through Utah, with time taken to show me things like where my dad grew up in Prescott, Arizona and stuff.

I remember reading that novel I had written and thinking it was really great.

Then I remember misplacing it for a few years, finding it a few years later and realizing that what I had wrote was best hidden in the bottom of a box and lost in the shed.

It was bad. Dreadful. Horrible. I had wrote nothing less than a narration of a bad Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

And now… I’ve found it again. I was looking through some things that had come out of the old house and there it was, beside an early version of Heir to Magic. I’m currently stuck on the ending of The Queen’s Champion, so I have this wild and crazy idea of reading what is probably the worst thing I’ve ever finished to get myself back to working on the story I am supposed to be working on.

Can I make The Shadowlord’s Gambit into a book worth publishing? I dunno, but I am going to try. It’ll be a self-published book I am sure. I’m thinking I might use it as the bonus for my Patreon supporters. Go through and type back in the story as it is now and share it with my Patreon supporters as I work on the Heir to Magic series. We’ll see how it goes when I read a few pages of it, if I share it or scream in terror and throw it into a fire.

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