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Free Stock Photography Site

(Image courtesy of
Sanja Gjenero)

For many years I, like many others, relied on getting images from It was a website that allowed photographers to upload images that could be used by people such as myself who did not have a budget for buying pictures to use on their blogs, websites, and whatever else.

This afternoon I went to find a picture to go along with my article on my social anxiety, but every time I did a search on the SXC website I was sent to an Adobe site where they wanted me to pay $29 a month to download up to 10 pictures.

I was very confused and frustrated as to why a site I had trusted for years was suddenly sending me to a site that wants me to pay them. I did a bit of digging.

It turns out that while I was hiding from the world, there were changes to part of the world I trusted. I found a quick blog post at that explained that after 10 years, seemed to be gone. The brief article I linked to has the full details, suffice to say that was no longer a viable option for people like me.

So, I went ahead and checked out and have determined that it is a good replacement for pictures that I can use on my wesite and with my 3D artwork. The image above of a pile of pictures, and the picture that I included with my previous article Where Did The Summer Go were both found at I will be updating the links on my site here to reflect Rgbstock as a source for pictures for writers, artists, and 3D modelers, and I will be searching for other sites that provide images with similar freedom of use.

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