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Game Design

Independent game design is a tough business to break into. Not because of the competition, but because of the issues involved in video game design and development. Consider a basic platform game intended to be played on a website. You need graphics, sound effects, music, programming… Even the most basic game requires a lot of planning and programming and design to get it to the point it can be played.

This is not about making a platform game for a website, however, this is about creating a game that can compete (at least in our own minds) with the mass market big names like Skyrim, Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Dishonored. That is a major goal, one that seems impossible for anyone to actually do on their own, but, we are determined, aren’t we? We not only want to make a game, we want to make a great game that we can find a market for and convert to consoles, PlayStation and XBox, and sell through the local game shops so we can walk into Gamestop and say “I want to buy MY game, please.”

So, how do we go from playing games to making them? How do we reach the level of game design that will catch the interest of major console makers? It won’t be easy, but few things worth doing are. We’ll start with the first steps and move forward, in small steps, to a finished game. This will be a slow process, particularly since we all probably have day jobs and most of us need to sleep at some point, but slowly and steadily we will make our way through the maze from gamer to game designer.

Our first goal: Decide what our game will be like.

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