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Pangaea was a large “supercontinent” that is theorized to have existed some 300-200 million years ago. It is part of the theory of plate tectonics and is assumed to be what the world might have been like when all of the land masses were clustered together roughly 250 million years ago, before a breakup of Pangaea and drifting of the land masses formed the continents that we know today. I have been fascinated by Pangaea for many years, so this is the base land mass that is going to be used for the high fantasy world I want to create.

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation

This low oxygen map of Pangaea from the National Science Foundation shows the particular structure of the continent that I am going to be using for my game design.

This provides the large main continent from North America down through South America and Africa and into Australia to play with on a grand scale, and the smaller Eurasia continent for expansion via ship passage, and several islands that can be explored. There is also a lot of ocean out there that could hide other land masses that are not known of to the people of the currently explored part of the world. So, lots of room for adventuring and lots of room for expansions.

I am going to start my game design pretty much in the center of the map, in that little cove above “Africa” and to the right of “South America”. That looks like a good place for a sea port city that rose up from an old fishing village to be located.

So, the next step for me, now that I have a world to build on, is to narrow that world down to a bite-sized chunk to play with.

Using GIMP I will select the part of the map I want, then start adding details to make it more of a localized map based on some real topographic maps and a little research into medieval cities and farming communities.

And here is the game map from GIMP showing placements of the mountain ranges to match with where the NSF map had shown low oxygen regions, which seemed to me like a good indication of high altitude, so… mountains!  I added in a few city markers where there might be cities and roads to connect them, as well as a made some heavy forested areas to the south and inset in the mountain ranges.


Next I will focus in a bit more on the area I want to work on to start with, then I will get into the building of a city in Blender.


here is the local map for Pangaea, showing the cities that will be part of the game. Now to focus in even more to the one city that will kick-start it all.

Which brings us to… Wyvern’s Crest. The capitol city for the game which I am going to be making.


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