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Gwent – Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Gwent is a card game from the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt video game. In this game you use one of various decks against an NPC opponent to try to win a turn-based battle card game. This guide will give information on my experiences with this game and tell where I have found certain cards in the game world. (This guide will be adjusted as I have more time to refine it.)

The game is able to be learned from the scholar at the inn in White Orchard, who gave me the Zoltan Chivay card, a 5 point close combat card for the Northern Realms deck.You can also buy several cards from the innkeeper.

Tip: Many opponents will pass if they have more points than you at the start of their turn in the first round. Play low cards and weather effects to your advantage to get them to pass, then either play a few more cards or clear skies to increase your points and win the round.

White Orchard

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