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Mass Effect

Mass Effect


The original Mass Effect has finally come to the PlayStation. There are a lot of things to be enjoyed in playing through the Mass Effect series from the beginning, including being able to actually make choices that were not available until the first game hit the PlayStation.


Trouble: Enemies hit with Lift or Throw are knocked off-screen and unkillable

Solution: Exit the mission area, go though a transition either back to the ship or outside of the building, then re-enter the area. The enemies you killed will still be dead, and the stuck enemy will be reset to their spawn point and no longer unkillable.


Trouble: I can’t find Kahoku!

Solution: Admiral Kahoku is found in the Citadel Tower, to the left of the stairs where you met Anderson on your first visit to the Council.

Kahoku can be spoken to after you either locate some missing Alliance Marines, or after you help Dr. Michel with a problem she is having. If you spoke to Kahoku about the missing marines BEFORE you help Dr. Michel, then he will not be present to help you with the information regarding Dr. Michel’s issue, so be certain you speak to the doctor before you report to Kahoku about the missing marines.


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