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Scorpius Port


29716 of 50000 words

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Children Can’t Carry Stuff: This is an annoying glitch that I have been unable to find a good way to fix. The issue is, you adopt a child, then try to give them a gift, and they can not carry any more items. You can’t take anything out of their inventory, emptying the dresser where they stash things for you does not fix it, and I am not going to take the advice of the guys that say it works to attack the kids. So. How do you fix this issue? The only thing I know to do is when you adopt them *immediately* to to your house and give them a housewarming gift of a sweet roll or apple or something to make sure you can give them items. If you can’t, then reload to where you adopted them and adopt them all over again. So far this glitch has not happened to a kid after I have been able to give things to them, so this should fix the issue.



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