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Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

As nice as this game is, it is not without bugs, among those:

Loss of Sounds

When Geralt needs to deal with a tree early on, (you’ll know the mission when you see it), the game loses sound and you will see the text of someone talking, but there will be no voice accompanying it.  It seems odd at first, and it is often not until the next mission, when three different characters are talking and only one of them has a voice, that it is seen for the bug it is.

Correct the bug by exiting the game and reopening it (no need to shut system down).

Horse Caught on Fence in Cutscene

There are some horses that get caught on fences in the background of cut-scenes, such as in the talk with the innkeeper in White Orchard. This is annoying, but so far i know of no way to fix this glitch.

Book Caught on Arm Ruins the Mood

One of the characters gets a glitch where her book is awkwardly stuck to her arm during a cut-scene that should be some serious prelude-to-romance. There seems to be no fix for this, however, reports online are that the book is, thankfully, absent during the more intimate moments for his sequence.


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