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Gamer Journal

I have decided that, since I am going to be keeping a journal for my writing, I will also keep a journal on gaming.

This past week I have played a lot of Overwatch during my gaming time, I want a reskin for McCree that shows him as a younger gunslinger before he got the mechanical arm.Unfortunately this is something I have calculated I have a very tiny chance of getting, so I am preparing myself for heartbreaking disappointment and hoping that Blizzard makes it possible to get that skin some other way later on – or leaves it as a purchasable via credits skin after the event. I doubt it, since none of the other event skins can be purchased now that their events are over.

This morning I uploaded a video of some of my gameplay, showing me running the Kings Row escort mission as McCree.

This is the first video I have uploaded from gameplay, if you don’t count my short video of the aurora in Final Fantasy, so I am not sure if it is my computer or the upload process… when I played the video back it had a pixelated effect in places. If anyone else noticed that, or has information on how to avoid it on future videos, I would love to know. I uploaded as HD video using my PS4, so I assume it is my computer having playback issues.

Yes, I cast a vote for myself at the end, not something I normally do, but will if: 1) I performed well enough I would have voted for someone else who had done the same and 2) no one else really impressed me during the run. If someone else catches my eye I will vote for them even if I think I did better.

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