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Getting used to Bifocals

I remember when I was a kid, my dad complained about having got a new pair of glasses that were a bifocal prescription. At the time I though I had understood the irritation that he was experiencing as he tried to get used to he new alernating focus of his glasses, but there is a level of annoyance that one just can not really undersand without having actually experienced it.

It seems simple enough- look though the upper part of the glasses when looking at something in the distance, and through the bottom part of the lense when looking at closer objects.

They sort of forget to mention that there is a band in the middle of the vision that is always blurry as your eyes track back and forth across it. It is this band, I think, that causes the issues such as headaches, balance issues, and what people define as objects ‘jumping’. I noticed right away that the new glasses were making walking more difficult, particularly in situations where I had to navigate steps or look down to step over something.

I’ve overcome that literal obsticle by just… not looking. I don’t look at the path for any longer than it takes to see where my foot is going, then I just navigate the obsticle.

The headaches are the harder thing to overcome, but according to what I have read will stop being an issue with time and adjustment to the way bifocals work.

Web MD suggests building up a tollerance by wearing the bifocals for a few hours each morning, not moving my head or eyes when reading, and looking sttraight ahead when walking. For now I am just trying to limit how much I switch between the two focal types until I am more used to how the glasses work and am glad that I can watch TV and work on the computer, things I could not do with the first pair of glasses I had got.

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