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How to Fix Netflix Play Issues on the PS3

Netflix has had some trouble since their last patch when it comes to playing videos on eh PS3 system. The trouble is when you try o play a video on the PS3 there is an issue where the controller stops responding. When that happens the video can no longer be paused, rewound or stopped. In fact, you are completely locked out on the controller aside from the PS button, which you can press for a few moments to bring up a system sub menu that allows you to do a few things, including exit the program.

When the controller stops responding it also causes three more things to happen. First: The video plays to he end and a black screen appears, forcing you to cold-kill the Netflix program using the PS button. Second: The video will not auto-cue the next episode of a series, forcing you to cold-stop the program and restart it to watch the next episode in a series. And Third: The video stops where the controller stopped responding, so if you have to stop the program thirty minutes after the controller stopped responding, then you will have to fast forward to the point you left off (and hope your controller does not stop responding while you do that, or you have to cold-stop the program and everything all over again.) It is very frustrating. Especially if you are like me, and need to pause the video to deal with real life things while watching stuff.

Reports online indicated that tech support for Sony knows about the issue and is working to fix it, however, if you can’t wait for an official fix, there is a way to fix the issue yourself, at least until someone sorts out the bug and releases a stable patch for it.

First you will need to delete the updated copy of Netflix on your system, That will be version 2.17.

Next, go to the Netflix icon under “TV/Video Services.” and hit “options” and delete. the program.

Now, go to Netflix icon under “Game >> Game Data Utility” and again select the options and delete the program’s data.

Look in “TV/Video Services” for the Netflix icon and install Netflix and then enter your login data. You will be prompted to upgrade, go ahead and let it start the upgrade by selecting “OK.”

When the next screen comes up, hit the “back” button on your controller to cancel the upgrade and start the older version of Netflix. You should now have error-free viewing on the PS3.

At least until you restart the program, then you will probably have to tell it to update and then cancel the update once again. Annoying, but nowhere near as annoying as the way things are now for PS3 users.

Big thanks to people like Crusius for discovering this easy work-around for PS3 Netflix issues.

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