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Inspired by writing prompts

Writing prompts are one of the most prolific of things offered up in the writing world. Lists of words or phrases that are intended to inspire writers to get past writer’s block and create words on a blank page.

I started into a challenge this month to write something every day that is just for fun, but it has made me realize that I need to be more proactive in all of my writing if I am ever going to get back to the point that writing is my full-time job.

While browsing various websites yesterday I came across the monthly writing challenge at, a site that I am sad to say I had forgotten all about under piles of stress and depressed bouts of tossing away my dreams of being a writer.

The prompt for their writing challenge for September is: “Write a story about memories which everyone except one person denies all knowledge of.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about that, so this morning, as I am laying here awake pinging around websites on my laptop, I was amused when I saw the weekly fiction prompt for Poets & Writers. (Another old favotite that I have sadly been away from for far too long) Poets & Writers has Tell Me The Truth as their prompt for fiction writers this week. In part the prompt asks us to write “a short story that revolves around a main character whose version of the truth—about another character, herself, or an event that has happened—differs drastically from a more objective reality.”

My muse is curious about the two prompts and how well they seem to fit together. I am not sure if I will get the time to actually write a short story based off of these prompts, but my muse is definately studying them intently, and one learns not to underestimate a rabid jackalope when it has caught the scent of an idea.

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