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Meet Micah Bell and Saddie Adler

Arthur and Dutch come across Michah, who leads them to a small homestead that he had found tucked away up to the north-east of Colter. It turns out that another group has holed up there to weather the storm and things get touchy pretty quick. This encounter is to teach you the basics of combat; including taking cover, peeking out of cover, and shooting enemies. After the combat there is a bit of a tutorial on gathering supplies followed by another fight tutorial that shows you how the game handles close quarters combat. The mission wraps up the tutorials with a brief lesson on how to calm a spooked horse and lead it.

The mission ends with the discovery of Sadie Adler and her addition to the gang as the group returns to the abandoned mining town.

Items of interest in the Adler house: On the mantle of the fireplace on the right wall is an oval picture frame of Jake and Sadie Adler, taken at their wedding September 7, 18___.

There is a book beside the bed when you first enter the house. Dutch picks it up and puts it in his coat pocket. (It is a little amusing that I was looking at the photograph on the mantle when Dutch said, “If we can’t eat it or drink it, put it down.” – while he was pocketing that book.)

Dutch gathers a few items starting with a silver fork that he grabs off of the table and a coat that was hung on a chair. He investigates a quilt laying on the hope chest, then pockets the book from the nightstand before he adds a second blanket (that was hung on the footboard) to the pile on the hope chest, rolls it togehter, then goes out to put the things on Taima while Arthur finishes searching the cabin.

Items to gather in the Adler house:

  • Classic Oatcakes (Shelf behind door)
  • Salted Beef (salted meat) (on corner of the table)
  • Assorted Biscuits (under counter in kitchen)
  • 2 cans of Peaches (under counter in kitchen)
  • Baked Beans (on counter in kitchen)
  • 2 Cans Sweet Corn (inside kitchen cabinet under counter)
  • 3 Bottles of Health Cure (medicine cabinet.)
  • Jewelery Box (On nightstand)
    • Gold Jointed Bracelet (randomiszed item I think)
  • Premium Cigarettes with card in pack (Nightstand drawer)
  • Coin Purse ($1.30) (in the Hope Chest)
  • Revolver Cartridges – regular (6) (on stand in upstairs loft)
  • Classic Oatcakes (on stand in upstairs loft)

After searching the house, Arthur goes out to search the barn and we get that lesson in hand to hand combat when a missed O’Driscoll jumps him. Arthur has a number of choices to make on how he will deal with the man, including if he lets him go or kills him.

After that is dealt with Arthur gets his first horse, a Mahogany Bay Tennessee Walker. This horse has good average stats and makes a very good starter horse.

Goofs: When Dutch is leading Sadie out of the house – the book he had pocketed can be seen back on the nightstand.

Note: In one of the possible conversations that Arthur can have with Sadie later on, at Horsehoe Camp, he will say that they will get her horse back to her and she tells him she does not care what happens to it, it had belonged to the O’Dricsols that murdered her husband.

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