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Might have Blender working again

I am trying not to get too excited, but I did a lot of heavy hacking at my computer with a sledge hammer last night and stripped away a lot of things I really do not need on this old machine and tried to run Blender again and… it might be working.

phoenix-rough2I was able to load up the phoenix and get him to rotate smoothly and move vertices and stuff. I will be going slow with it, mostly because it has now been a year since I was able to use Blender and I need to relearn how to do a lot of things on it, but I was able to remember a lot just off the top of my head, so getting back up to speed should not be too terrible a task.

For now I am just happy that Blender is working and will back off to simpler projects to get myself reacquainted with the program. The one major project I am going to undertake is to dig into my art supplies, and my copies of Character Development Blender by Jonathan Williamson and Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity by Chris Totten and try to create a basic game character as I relearn Blender. It should be fun and with any luck Blender will continue to work smoothly so I can create a good character.

This is going to be a major test for if I can get back to the work I want to be doing on this computer, or if I really do have to save up to get a new computer before I can fully restart my work.

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