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The Aftermath of Genesis

This mission is started by speaking to Mr. Pearson in the blacksmith-turned camp kitchen at Colter.

Simon Pearson is the camp cook for the Vanderlind Gang. He is a former navy man that spent some harsh times on ships before he fell into a life that lead him to be the camp cook for a band of outlaws. (The Red Dead wiki, over at Fandom, says that after leaving the Navy Pierson fell onto the wrong side of loan sharks and was rescued by Dutch and his gang, but I have not yet seen this particular bit of camp talk.)

At one point he has a side conversation with Mrs. Grimshaw and tells her:
“I once saw the cape from a fourty foot swell. I once crossed the equator during a meteor shower, I rode into harbors surrounded by beautiful maidens selling pineapple, and colors, colors so brilliant they’d burn your eyes… and now, I live in a swamp, waiting to get shot for riding with outlaws.”

I have not seen any mention of how long his Navy career lasted, or why it was he left, although I assume it was an honorable discharge, given he still wears Navy attire and appears to speak fondly of his time in the Navy. Talking of it as a hard but good period in his life.

When he is talking with Arthur at the start of this mission he starts to tell Arthur of having been stranded at sea for fifty days on a ship struck with plague, a story that Arthur cuts short with a few jibes that Pearson seems to take well. So either they are always at one another and Pearson doe not have the energy for a verbal tussel, or it is a sign of how good the two get along and the kind of ribbing that only comes with people that are comfortable teasing one another in such ways.

Pearson’s preferred drink is Navy Rum, which even Arthur reacts to as having quite the kick to it when he gets a taste of it. He is also quite the cook and can use pretty much every part of a critter when he prepares it. A point that is given a small cameo in his tossing Arthur a jar of Assorted Salted Offal – which is a jar of assorted salted animal intestines, livers, hearts, brains, tails… pretty much all those parts of animals that are normally tossed into the trash or made into sausage. Think of the bags of gibblets and turkey neck that your mother or grandmother boiled up to make broth for stews.

The main part of this mission is a lesson in, what else, hunting. Charles and Arthur head due south from Colter, taking a mountain pass then cutting across to the base of Mount Hagen to follow the valley down a ways in search of something to hunt. You can bring up the map as they ride along if you want to see where it is they go.

This is the mission where you learn one of Arthur’s more valuable skills, Deadeye.

Misleading Prompt: A prompt shows up when you are hunting that tells you that you can drop off animal carcasses at Pearson’s to go toward the gang’s supplies, however, this is not something that can be done until you reach the next camp location.

I was able to shoot a fox that is in the thicket of pine trees to the south of town, just across the stream, but I could not give it to Mr. Person for food. I ended up just dropping it on the floor of the smithy he turned into a kitchen.

There is not a lot to the mission for Mr. Pearson, but there is some gang backstory to be heard if you do not rush the ride out or the return to camp. Again, this is a mission that is best done at a casual pace so that you do not miss out on dialogue.

From here you can either go around the camp and talk to people, or you can start the mission labled Bill Williamson if you have not yet done that mission. (If you have done Williamson’s mission, then I believe a cutscene to the next mission in Colter automatically starts when you finish Pearson’s mission, but I only played it once where I accidently started Williamson’s mission first and do not recall what happened for sure.)

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