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New Washing Machine and Bed

Through the kindness of some folks I am going to be gettin a new bed and a new washing machine. I’m rather excited about this! I was not expecting to get either one, and it has been years since I’ve had either a washer of my own or a good bed.

My bed for the past several years has been a foam pad on a sheet of plywood. Last year I got a thin pad that is supposed to be used on a toddler bed passed to me by someone and have been using that with the 2″ foam pad on top of it, but it is misery to sleep on and I don’t get a good night’s sleep on the things.

Went in to pick out a bed and washer today. Ended up getting not just the bed, but sheets and a pillow as well. My last new pillow was bought around 2007.

The washer is a odd thing – I went to hook it up and… did you know washers have a connector port for hooking them into wifi now? It’s weird!!! I’ve never seen a wifi connection on a washer before, but I assume it is for telling your washer to start the laundry when you are not home? Preload it like you would a timed coffee maker and monitor it from your cell phone? Or maybe just so you can tell is the wash cycle is finished? I dunno. Would be useful to have an app to let you know when to add softener and stuff I guess?

Someday I will explore what those settings are, for now I am just excited to have a washer!

Have to wait a couple days to pick up the mattress, did not have room for it and the washer in the truck.

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