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Old Building Redesign

A while back I made a base for a research hospital. It turned out okay, but I never actually went much beyond just the base building shape and a brick skin on a building with no doors or windows or- anything.

The current model as it sets in my files is the barest of bones just waiting to have some things added to it to make it come alive, but it has a few flaws. Other than the lack of doors or windows. It was made while I was still learning to properly texture things in the latest (at that time) version of Blender when I had got back into using the 3D suite. It’s nicely unwrapped and mapped and everything, but I have learned a lot more about such things since I made this building, so I am going to be doing a lot of work to bring the base up to date before I dive in and start really adjusting how it all works together.

So, one last look at how this used to look before I dive in and start rebuilding it like the 6 Million Dollar Man.

Roughed out 3D building

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