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Old Friends

Setting out to the south of Colter, Dutch and Arthur lead Bill, Micah, Javiar and Lenny around the back-side of Lake Isabella to the mine in Ewing Basin where Colm O’Driscoll and his boys have holed up to the west of Mount Hagan.

Items to gather:

  • O’Driscoll bodies – loot these, but be careful to stay a ways away from Dutch while you do so. As soon as you get close to him the next part of the mission starts and you are told to search a cabin. So, just ignore Dutch complaining that they are waiting on you and check the bodies for valuables, cash, and ammo.
  • Cabin in SE of area
    • Opened Revolver Cartridges on shelf
  • Shed near where you start the fight
    • I thought there were a coupld boxes of ammo in here, but I did not see them on the run while writing this guide. (I think one of the others grabbed them before I got back there?)
  • Chest in SE near blue wagon (NOTE: this chest will vanish when you clear the area and not be there when you return later in the game, so make sure you gather the items from it.)
    • Chewing tobacco
    • Kidney Beans
    • Gin
  • Cabin Arthur is told to search (IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT look in the big red box marked Dynamite in the corner until you have finshed looting bodies and gathering items from shelves, since the red box is the mission goal and the mission ends when you open it.)
    • Chest opposite the big red box (another one that is only here for this mission.)
      • Opened Gin
      • Baked Beans
      • Cigarettes
    • Cabinet under tool rack on front wall
      • Chewing Tobacco
      • Cigar
      • Crackers
      • Baked Beans
    • Cupboard on right wall as you enter
      • Cigar
      • Health Cure
    • Shelf by dynamite crib
      • Cigar
      • Kentucky Bourbon
    • Dynamite Crib – When everything has been looted and searched and it is time to end the mission, chech the red box in the corner to find the dynamite. This will start a end of mission cutscene.

At this point you get to listen to Dutch talk about things while you ride back toward Colter. Just as you are going past Lake Isabella Dutch will point ahead to where the O’Driscoll that had left the camp just before the attack is getting water at Beartooth Beck. Arthur gives chase as the fellow flees down toward where Arthur and Charles went deer hunting (in Pearson’s mission) and you get to learn how the lasso works.

I strongly suggest taking your time heading back to the camp, since Arthur has some amusing, but mean, things to say to this fellow. Also, make sure you loot him before you toss him on your horse.

NOTE: While I was riding back at the end of this mission I saw a crow take off – after a moment I decided “why not?” and shot it out of the sky. It worked, I Deadeyed the thing and hit it twice with my revolver. Was able to collect it and put it away in my carry bag. That unlocked both the sharpshooter challenge (shot bird out of sky) and unlocked crows in the compendium.

Once you have returned to Colter with Kieran, you will either have the Pearson mission to do if you did not already do that, or a cutscene will play automatically that advances things by a few days.

Note that if you still need to do the mission for Pearson, then you can find Kerian tied to a post in the stables where Charles and the horses are found.

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