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On Clearing Nidhog Extreme, and other fights, in Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV there is a fight against a dragon named Nidhog, when you do the extreme version of the fight you get a chance to get a bird mount or a scale from the dragon that is used to craft things. I joined a Nidhog Scale Farm on Tuesday because in the Party Finder it said that they were carrying one of their FreeCompany mates, so I figured that I had cleared it enough that I could help them out (I cleared that one on the first day it came out even).

The party finder had a minimum gear level of I think 380, so I had to switch to my raiding character (Krys’a) to join the party. No problem, I have been taking Krys into much higher end places and he has a 383 gear score. The base item level for Nidhog Extreme is 280. Sounds like it would be a easy quick run to clear, right?

It was very painful.

One of the core group of people that was doing the runs was being excessively toxic to people that joined to help. We had multiple fails on the first try, finally managed to get through the fight after a lot of death and a lot of people needing revived, a few folks left the party and the guy said “I was going to kick them anyway.”

The same person made it a point to correct everything I said about the fight, even though I was right on things I said. (I will admit I had not known you could get a scale in an unsynced run, but that was my only point of misinformation.) The toxic person insisted at one point that me and another player had a mechanic known as blue chains when I know for a fact I had red ones. The person also complained that the DPS was not good enough… and yet they put us into the fight with 6 out of 8 people, one of those 6 a stated carry. The toxic player complained that the DPS sucked and bragged that they had cleared the fight in under a minute twenty with only three people: one tank, one healer, and one DPS.

Now, I am not saying you can not clear the fight with only three people, you can, but it is not something you can do in under a minute twenty, at least I have never heard of anyone doing it that fast. I’m fairly certain the toxic person was just being toxic and trying to make others feel like they were failing to do their best.

It was no surprise to me that we failed multiple times on each attempt and only cleared I think 3 times. We did manage to get the carried person a first time clear, though, and were trying to get that person a bird as well.

Unfortunately I just could not take the toxicity of the one that was complaining about everything. I finally told the person being carried that I wished them the best of luck on getting the bird they wanted, apologized that I could not take the other person’s toxicity any longer, and left the party.

I made my own group and set it as a [Practice] group, with no ilvl requirement, stated that new players were welcome to join, and made the comment something along the lines of “Killing time, so fun run to farm some scales and birds. Who cares if we fail? Let’s have fun and learn the fight.”

We cleared not just the first time, we cleared on the first try on every run. And this was with new people that did not know anything about the fight, and people who were rusty and scared they did not remember it well enough to run it.

We laughed, we chatted about the fight, we supported one another and we got 4 people their birds and someone got one of Nidhog’s scales. Most importantly, we all had a lot of fun and new players learned how to do the fight.

The moral of this long post… If folks stop stressing about “MUST FIND BEST DPS!!!!” they clear more content and have a LOT more fun all around. Slow down, take the time to explain not just what new players need to do, but why they need to do it, and have fun playing the game.

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