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Outlaws from the West

Once the main group has been settled into the town’s old schoolhouse, Dutch and Arthur set out to see if they can locate John or Michah. Dutch had sent them off to scout ahead before the story began.

This is a forced mission that automatically starts when the group is settled down in Colter. It starts off with Dutch and Arthur exiting the school house and after a brief exhange about the botched job that sent them fleeing into the mountains, Charles approaches them with a pair of horses (Dutch’s white horse The Count, and Charles’ appaloosa Taima.) This is the first time that you get to control Arthur and the game presents you with a brief tutorial sequence that teaches you the basics of riding your horse as Arthur and Dutch ride back out into the blizzard.

Things that you probably missed:

As Dutch and Arthur are getting on their horses and riding off, Molly O’Shea is standing in the door watching them leave. She holds the door for Charles when he goes in, then she closes the door and moves over to join Hosea by the fireplace.

Everyone inside the school house is settled into logical positions inside the building when Arthur and Dutch ride away, a bit of detail that no one that is not exploring with the free camera and peeking in windows would ever have noticed.

If you hit freecam mode when Dutch says there is somethng on the path ahead of them, just before the cutscene starts, you can aftually zoom in to where you can see Michah riding toward them in the storm.

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