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Overwatch McCree reskin only available until May 1st

My roommate got me Overwatch a while back, but I only managed to play for a few minutes before I had to do something else, then I got distracted with Mass Effect Andromeda during my gaming time. Last week I hopped back into Overwatch when he told me that there was a special skin for McCree that was only available until May 1st. So, I’ve been playing Overwatch, a lot, the past week and have gone from level 1 to level 32, each level increase earning me what is called a Loot Box inside of which is some sort of vanity item for one of the characters. There is also a few other ways to get Loot Boxes, such as getting three for a weekly challenge thing, but unless you’re new or doing that challenge… you get just one for each level increase.

Now… math time… In the past week I have got I think 37 Loot Boxes, each Loot Box holds 4 random items. Each of the 24 characters has about 72 possible vanity items available. Result of having got around 148 items out of loot boxes? …. I still do not have the McCree skin I want and my hopes are fading fast since I only have about three more days to get it. Which is terrible, since McCree is the only character I actually enjoy playing as but every loot box I get only gives me a 4 in roughly 1,728+ chance of getting that single item. And yes, repeats on items are possible, you can get credits worth around 5 to 50 credits if you do get a repeat item. I have around 700 credits at the moment… it costs 3,000 credits to buy the McCree skin I want and you can not buy it after this event ends on May 1st.

I have a bad feeling I am going to fail to get that skin, which will make me heartbroken and feeling disappointed every time I play Overwatch after May 1st.

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