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PlayStation 4 and the Indie developer

Long ago, in the world of video gaming, there was an onrush of independent video games being made, it seemed, at the time, like a good idea. Then came the North American video game crash of ’83.

The industry nearly vanished under the double edged threat of video games being seen as nothing more than fads by stores and the market being flooded with too many low quality games. The third-party game industry was seen as the cause of the problems by many, including then Ninetndo president Hiroshi Yamauchi, who said: “Atari collapsed because they gave too much freedom to third-party developers and the market was swamped with rubbish games.”

It would seem like the independent game designer would have no hope of ever breaking into the console market, but not all hope was lost. PlayStation has made some efforts to reach out to the indipendent game deign community and allow for third party games to be developed for its system, even going so far as to provide a section in the PlayStation store where independent games can be categorized. On the PlayStation Blog last month they announced the Indie Games category in the PlayStation store. Finally indie game designers had a place where they were welcomed with open arms by the console market.

And it seems that the PlayStation 4 will be making it even easier for the indie developer to get their game in front of an audience. During their presentation at E3, Sony showed off several indie games that would release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 game console.  Sony states in a post to their blog that they are dedicated to allowing indie developers self publish on the PlayStation 4 console system.

PlayStation seems to be one of the few to embrace such an open idea for gaming, however, as the new XBox One will, from what I have read, not allow indie game distribution. A pity, since I think a lot of good can come from a more open market now that video gaming is better understood and is not likely to suffer the same sort of fate that occurred in 1983.

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