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Pre-ordered The Division 2 Ultimate Edition

I finally got the pre-order in for The Division 2. I went ahead and got the Ultimate edition because I know I will want the extras that came with it anyway, and I have got so much enjoyment out of playing the first game that I’m going to trust that they will not disappoint me on the next one.

One of the best goodies in my humble opinion is the Battleworn Secret Service Pack that comes with the ultimate edition.

I love the look of the outfit, and he’s even got sunglasses. My handle in text and voice chat is “Shades” (based on my PSN screen name ShadesDaughter), so it has come to be a bit of a tradition for me to put my characters in sunglasses ever since I was playing Saints Row.

Also, I really dig the look of a man in a good business suit, and have always had high respect for secret service agents, so being able to have my character have been a secret service agent in The Division 2 is going to be awesome for me.

The emote is kind of awesome as well, but I can’t decide if it is adjusting the shades or if he is tapping his earpiece. It looks like one of those, but I have not looked into what it is exactly – avoiding stumbling across spoilers.

The only thing about this bonus content that I don’t care for is that red white and blue candy cane striping for the gun. I am not a fan of making the weapons look like some kind of children’s toy like water guns or Nerf guns. I would much rather the set had come with a skin that made your weapon look more weathered and grimy than one that made it look like it was given to you by a department store Santa.

As for the rest of the goodies that come with the Ultimate Edition…

I know from experience that expanded stash is going to be put to good use. I ended up needing three characters in the first game just to make sure I did not lose any of my gear set pieces and had a chance to pick the best ones when I was building my gear sets.

I’m curious about that “unique skill visual” and how that will work. I’m also liking the look of that skin that comes with the first responder set. Which is a bit rare for me to like weapon skins. I want to see how it looks on sniper rifles, handguns, and the crossbows.

I’ll be trying to do some Let’s Plays for the game, which because of my bad internet connection I will not be getting until I can get the disk in the mail. That could be as much as a week or two after release day, since the game is going to be shipped to Alaska, but once I have it I plan to try to share my reaction to the game and story in a series of Let’s Play videos on my YouTube channel. I’ll give more information on that when I am getting ready to upload the first video.

For now, this is Shades signing out, I’ll see you in Washington in a few weeks fellow agents.

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