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PS3 controller stops working on Netflix

A gaming friend of mine expressed an issue where their PS3 controller would not work sometimes when he watched Netflix. It seemed odd, but I assumed it was just his controller was going bad. Until last night, when I tried to watch Netflix for the first time in at least a week or more.

Everything worked fine, until I settled in to watch The Walking Dead for a little while. Around 30 minutes into the episode I wanted to pause it, but my controller would not work. Well, it worked, I could power it up from standby and the PS button brought up the system menu, but none of the buttons had any affect on Netflix. I contacted my buddy who confirmed that was the same issue they had been having with their system and told me the only thing to do was use the PS button to quit Netflix and restart it. So, I did.

I quit Netflix and restarted it, found the episode I had been watching and the restart point for the episode was only a few minutes into the program. I started to fast-forward through to get back to where I had been in the episode and Netflix froze up and the buttons stopped working.

I went through the reset process again and got the episode working, but once again the controller stopped responding after a few minutes and I was forced to exit Netflix using the PS button. I do not know what the problem was, but it was not low batteries or controller connection issues.

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