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R U A Girl?

I logged back into Resident Evil 6 for the first time in forever last night and had a difficult time of getting a co-op partner. It was not that there were no players on, I was happily surprised at the number of players on the game after how long it has been out. There was even a lot of players that, upon checking their profiles, I saw were new players that had not yet beat the missions. Awesome for me, since I love watching the cut-scenes and most older players want to skip them.

So, anyway. I had difficulty because I would join in someone’s match and as soon as they could access their com after that they bailed. I was starting to wonder if Jake had bad B.O. or something. It got so bad that when I saw someone playing through on Jake and Sherry’s campaign from the start I sent them a message first asking if they needed help on RE6. They emailed back almost at once that “yes, please” they did need help. So, yay! I got to play with someone that was not going to immediately kneel down and com-link their way out as soon as I joined their game. Awesome!

I played with them for a bit, helped out with some stuff and showed them where a few very hard to spot emblems were hidden. They expressed their admiration of my game-play ability and told me I was awesome, then I got this email….

a question
r u a girl or u put your name just for fun?

After a moment of wondering just how many guys have “daughter” in their screen name, and deciding that I don’t want to know the answer to that after all, I sent back that yes, I am a woman, and I’m in fact over the age of 40. I am fairly certain they, like so many others, assumed I was lying.

So, I have to ask. Is it really that unnatural for women to play games like Mass Effect, Resident Evil and Saints Row? I’ve even played some Call of Duty, although I was not happy with the way it played. I liked Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer better. I’ve also had surprise and disbelief in my claim expressed at the assurance that I am a woman both in Final Fantasy 14 and when someone sees I play Skyrim.

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