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Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Twilight Zone bugs. Part 1: Chip ‘n’ Dale

I logged in to Red Dead Redemption 2 online to complete my daily challenge, but… Something felt… off. Something like my aim.

I was chasing around a chipmunk that I wanted to catch with my bow, but… I just could not get a lock on the little cuss. It was like I had found Chip and he was smarter than I was. You remember Chip ‘n’ Dale, right? They are the two little chipmunks that gave Pluto and Donald Duck such a hard time.

Well, After chasing the chipmunk around with my bow for a while I discovered I had been chasing Dale… because there came Chip, hopping around, catching my attention, and it was not long before I got rather irate and pulled out my cattleman’s revolver to try an’ shoot the bastard with that. I ended up going back to the bow before I fired a shot, but I was sure tempted to just splatter that annoyance all over the western landscape.

But, I wanted that perfect quality pelt, so I got back out my bow and set off after the little fellow once again. It… worked about as well as you might expect it to work for a cartoon character facing off against Chip.

That little chipmunk used some Matrix level skills in evading every shot I fired from my bow. I just could not get that red “locked on!” target to show up no matter what I tried. And yes, I tried sneaking up real quiet like while the chipmunk’s back appeared to be turned toward me. The wind was in my favor. Everything seemed to be just perfect. The sucker was even sitting in an open patch of ground amid the grasses, its own little glen where it was out in the open for any predator to kill.

Any predator but me it seemed. Because for some reason, my aim was still not accurate. That coveted red “GOTCHA!!!” dot just would not show up. What is worse, not only did my aim dot not turn red, it I could swear it seemed to fade out. It become a pale “friendly fire” dot. The chipmunk had hacked my weapons!

Well… I finally admitted that little chipmunk had bested me and I went to find a collectible I had passed while chasing it. Got on my horse- wait… what horse?

Yeah… that’s another story… or two. For now, here is the full video experience of what I just recounted here. Enjoy.

Also, I found the most awesome t-shirt on Amazon for Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers.

And then there is the Swarovski Crystal figurines too…

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