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Remembering Rexxy, my poor lost pet velociraptor

Rexxy has been a bit of a joke for a while now, the poor pet velociraptor that I fondly recall when people ask me how old I am. It started somewhere in my mid to late 30’s, when I would encounter people half my age online that reacted with astonishment at meeting someone so much older than them.

At first it was just a bot of tongue in cheek humor at my old age compared to others in whichever community I was a part of – usually gaming. Someone would react with surprise at encountering an older gamer and rather than joke about canes and walkers, I joked about what life was like when the dinosaurs ruled the Earth. This eventually lead to the introduction of a pet velociraptor who “ran away when the meteor hit.”

The story grew slowly as the years passed, with me searching for my poor lost pet but never finding it. Feigning tears as I asked people to please let me know if they saw my missing pet, to send it home… and then…

At the start of 2020, as I was writing out some information for my Twitch streaming, I had this sudden extrordinary addition to the story. My missing pet suddenly had a name!


I had not even planned to give the velociraptor a name, the joke had gone on for years without any mention of names or even a gender, but now… the missing pet velociraptor had a name. And I was now warning people to be careful if they asked about the days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, because it makes me sad thinking about poor Rexxy.

I have decided that Rexxy is to be immortilized in 3D, so once I finish my current projects I will be creating a 3D model of what Rexxy would have looked like, and I will also create an emoticon for Rexxy for my Twitch channel. It just seems like a very personalized sort of emoticon that needs to be a part of my presence.

So, it is official, Rexxy, the long lost pet velociraptor, shall join the ranks of Phantasy (the wyvern that has long been the puppet mascot for Phantascene) and the unnamed black unicorn on the cliff (that has been the symbol of my business for 40+ years).

I’ll be sharing more information on my efforts to create a 3D model of Rexxy when I can get started on that project. For now… if you see a lost looking velociraptor, please, let me know. I miss Rexxy so much and can not stand the thought of the poor scared fellow out there somewhere all alone.

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