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Saints Row – from the streets to… the White House?

saints4The 3rd Street Saints have come a long way. Starting out in Stilwater, the protagonist is caught in a war between three rival gangs, the Vice Kings, the Los Carnales, and the Westside Rollerz.

A victim of gang violence himself, the protagonist joins the 3rd Street Saints after they rescue him from being gunned down by one of the gangs. The player character and the Saints go on to fight back against the gangs to take over Stilwater and put an end to the violence that ruled the streets.

The game ended with a bang, leaving the protagonist starting out Saints Row 2 in the infirmary of the Stilwater Penitentiary where they are waking from a 5 year long coma.

Once again there are three rival gangs (the Brotherhood, the Sons of Samedi, and the Ronin) to battle for control of the city, and the protagonist and his gang step up to the challenge of taking on the rival gangs and the Ultor Corporation to take them down and gain full control of the city.

In Saints Row: The Third, the Saints have become mega star names with a line of merchandise including a popular chain of clothing outlets and an energy drink. So much fame is bound to attract attention, particularly when the Saint’s idea of helping a movie star prepare for a role is taking them along on a bank heist. With the heist having gone wrong, the Saints find themselves introduced to the leader of The Syndicate, who offers them an unfavorable split of the Saints’ profits in exchange for their lives. Having politely, for the Saints, refused the offer, the Boss and Shaundi find themselves in Steelport – a city controlled by the Syndicate and home to several rival gangs fighting for control of the streets. The Saints set up in a run-down apartment and start doing what they do best – fighting for control of the city against the rival gangs.

As though the Morning Star, the Luchadores and the Deckers were not bad enough, the powers that be call on a private military group called S.TA.G. (Special Tactical Anti-Gang) to help end the violence in the city via martial law.

Now the Saints are set for a return to the mayhem and it is looking like they are going to take over more than just a city.

Preliminary looks at Saints Row 4 show the Boss and his gang in a convertible Presidential Limo with the Capitol Dome seen in the background. has the franchise gone a bit over the top, though? Previews of Saints Row 4 show the Boss, err, the President, having super-powers. Able to leap tall buildings and run faster than most cars, the protagonist is also reportedly able to freeze foes with a skill that would impress even Mortal Kombat’s Subzero.

Street gangs have given way to… interstellar gangs? The Zen are an alien species that will be opposing the Saints in the next installment of the game series. And with aliens there, of course, needs to be wacky weaponry. Head inflating guns and weapons that are very reminiscent of Otto’s Irresistible Dance.

It is a bit soon to know just how Saints Row 4 will fare, but so far fans of the series are ready to give it a chance and let the over-the-top mayhem of the series run wild. Still, there is s probable minority of players (this writer) that hopes that, as with Saints Row 3, it will be possible to play a non-superheroic Boss and still get full enjoyment from the game. It would be nice to be able to ace the game without having to resort to oddball guns and magical powers of dance compulsion.


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