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Sims Freeplay Timed Events End Early

I love the Sims, so I was happy to find that my cell phone can run Sims Freeplay. Unfortunately that joy was dampened when the event for the baby jumper seemed to end early and I could not get the cute jumper seat for my baby sims. It was disheartening. And I considered things for a while, then restarted my game. I really wanted that jumper.

Determined to get the jumper on a new play through I was working rather hard on the baby event that allows you to complete the event to get a baby jumper. Had two of the songs already, when I realized that the timed event for baby costumes had not started and only had five days left to it. Okay, I started that event and cringed when the jumper vanished. I would not have started the costume event had I known it would remove the jumper – but, I had already restarted my game once and I really did not want to restart it again, so I went onward hoping that when the event timed out it would go back to the jumper and I would be closer to completion on it. Or at least have a more musically inclined baby so I could get the songs faster if it reset the songs again.

The costume event ended a good three days before it should have, but the jumper was back so I was not that disappointed to not get the costumes. Better yet, the songs I had already collected were still in the challenge. I had by my calculation just under 4 days to finish the event (even though the game said it had 7 more days to go, I knew it had started 3 days before so I only counted on having 3 more days.) Instead I only had one day. The costume event ended yesterday (a few days early) and I should have had at least 3 days still on the jumper from when I had started it, but a few moments ago the jumper event ended a full three days early. It should have ended in just under 4 days from now.

This is annoying to say the least, when all I wanted was a basic little kid’s toy for my baby sims to play in and this is the second time that I have failed to get it after DAYS of setting alarms to make sure I would wake up every 3 and a half hours to restart the baby Sim playing the xylophone and even spent social points to finish tasks quicker so I could manage to get that little jumper for the baby Sims.

I’m though with Sims Freeplay. It is not worth the time I have put into the game. I will keep playing my Sims 2 and 3 on the computer, and eventually get Sims 4 when I can afford it, but I will no longer put any time into the Sims Freeplay game.

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