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Skyrim Advice for New Players

Someone on one of my gaming groups asked for any advice to a new player that was just starting out on Skyrim for the first time. This is the comment that I posted, which I am sharing here because it is worth knowing and I have covered many of this on my website here in the past.


I have a few things to warn you about. Some might no longer be an issue, since I encountered them back when the game came out and over the course of a few years after it came out. There are a couple of game breaking ones though, so I will pinpoint them first, hopefully they have been fixed, but in case they have not, they can cause serious headaches.

MAJOR GLITCH – CHILDREN: When you adopt a child (there are several in the game, you can adopt 2 without mods) – Save before you adopt the child, then IMMEDIATELY go to your house and try to give the child a gift. There used to be a glitch that prevented you being able to give children gifts because the glitch counted their inventory as full and you could not fix it. So make sure you can give them something even if you never plan to. If you can not, reload the save and adopt them again until you can give them a gift. (Skyrim: Children Can’t Carry Gifts)

MAJOR GLITCH!!!!!! – COMPANIONS – not just companions, but the group The Companions. You will meet them early on in the game, they are a group of fighters in Whiterun. Their story had a serious glitch in it where you could not enter a necessary dungeon, so you could not finish the story. It was actually what made me stop playing years ago. I had finished everything but the Companions and the wizard story lines and – the companions story was broke when I got to it. Last time I played, last year, I tried to do that story first and it was still broken. So be warned and look for if they have any fixes out for it.

HORSE DEATHS – If you are like me and tend to “borrow” horses, you will want to save before you get off the things if you like them. There used to be a literal “go straight back home” issue where I had a horse I got off of start walking away and … right off a cliff. Sometimes they just walk direct path and do not follow the road, so save horse lives by saving before you get off a stolen horse.
Also – save before fights when your horse is around, they die so easily and do not always flee far enough.

Dragon fights – Save before, and during (but separate save), dragon fights. Just in case you lose a townsperson you really did not want to die. NPCs can and will die. My roommate will run around and check EVERYONE and reload if even one minor NPC died in a dragon attack.

Earthquake!!!!!!! – if you have the DLCs, then there is one for a forge that causes you to feel earthquakes in certain areas. This caused MAJOR confusion years back when I played and I had actually wrote a post about it on my website with investigations and updates on this weird phenomenon. (Earthquakes in Skyrim: Falkreath to Markarth)


Fun stuff… try to shoot a butterfly.  My roommate says I am heartless, but I found it darkly amusing when I tried to shoot a deer and a blue butterfly flew up at just the right moment to be shot out of the air by my arrow. They have a special effect that sends off a black poof of smoke when that happens. (Good way to improve your aiming and reflex skills (yours not game stats), but be warned the game remembers where all those arrows are in the game.

MODS – Yes, you CAN use mods on PS4  – Check mods to be sure the game functions okay with it. Disable it and reload a save from before the mod if one broke your game. One mod I loaded in for a house caused a weird break on the map that caused a localized ripple between map sections and allowed me to see beneath the world.

Hope this was helpful, take care and enjoy the game. Even after all these years it is STILL one of my favorite RPGs. I plan to buy it for PC soon so I can make mods myself.

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