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Skyrim: Child Can’t Carry Gifts … needs… medicine?

Okay, so, I have been cleaning out my SPAM filter and, as usual, it is taking me a while since I am one of those types that will double check things that get auto flagged to make sure someone’s actual comment did not get accidentally flagged as being SPAM. I’ve seen it happen a couple of times before. I started with around 40 pages of SPAM and am now down to around 30 after a few minutes of work. Tedious, but, something that needs done whenever I have some time to spare for it. It also allows me to notice things such as a reoccurring theme where the most commented on post seems to be Skyrim: Child Can’t Carry Gifts, which I wrote way back in July of 2013 about a glitch in Skyrim where sometimes you could not give the children you adopt gifts. It seems that, according to the SPAM posters, this is just a lack of proper medications. Who knew?

I mean, it makes sense if you think about it. The world of Skyrim is a bit under developed and there is a nasty cold going on that I’m sure makes proper nutrition an issue. Add in the war and the chaos with those dragons and yeah, I can see where those orphans you are adopting might benefit from some basic vitamins, maybe even a few anti-depressants and definitely a cold pill or two… but come on SPAMmers! Do you really have to post 37 pages worth of links to pharmaceutical companies on a  350 word post about a video game glitch from four years ago?

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