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Skyrim: Child Can’t Carry Gifts

I adopted Blaise, the kid outside Solitude who tends the animals for the folks that run the stables and sleeps in the stables, and Aleson, the kid that runs meals to the miners in Dawnstar and sleeps in corner behind entry door of the inn. Everything seems to be going fine, except I can not give any gifts to Aleson, not even a honeynut treat or a new shirt. When I try it says that the item is too heavy for that character to carry it. This glitch is driving me batty. I don’t like not being able to give the kid any gifts and it is starting to make me feel bad every time I try to check if I can give him something only to have him say “aww, stop fooling me.”

I had this issue with Aleson before, where he was unable to accept anything despite the fact I could give his new sister Sophie, the flower selling girl from Windhelm, all kinds of stuff. On that play-through he eventually did start being able to accept a gift, but I have no idea what I did, and it was long enough ago I don’t recall if I had backed up to an earlier save and had to re-adopt him. Which I am starting to think happened.

Does anyone know what causes this glitch and how it can be fixed without re-starting many hours worth of play-time?

At this point I am assuming that Aleson is a quite reserved kid that is on the sickly side from having slept by a drafty door in snow cover-ed Dawnstar’s inn and going into damp dusky mines, while his brother Blaise is more outspoken and healthy having worked the stables outside of Solitude. Aleson was likely an orphan longer than Blaise as well, since I believe Blaise lost his parents to the war, while Aleson’s father was lost from getting sick at sea.

I don’t want to back up for what would be most of the game at this point, but I would really love to be able to hand Aleson a toy sword or a new shirt. Anyone know any way around this glitch?

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9 comments to Skyrim: Child Can’t Carry Gifts

  • Trey

    I have the same Robles with Aleson, everything is “too heavy” for him to carry. Reverting to a earlier save would be logical but I’m at the point where I have already built my house. Doing so would be all that time wasted, are there any ther solutions to this bug?

    • admin

      I have not found any way to fix this yet. I’m just going to assume that living by the drafty door in the tavern for so long was too much and he’s a really sickly kid that is going to grow up to be either a powerful mage or a scholar or something… maybe a master thief? O:-)

      Anyway, no, I have not found a fix myself yet, and I am about 5 big dungeons past where I had adopted him, so I am just going to carry on and see if anything ever changes for him. Hopefully they will release an update that fixes this issue, but I doubt it. In the future I will adopt the kids and immediately try to give them something, to check for the glitch before I do anything else so I can reload if I have to.

  • Paixão

    1- locate the child in question, and with her in view press ‘ to open the console
    2- type showinventory (dont press enter)
    3- click on the child, that will select her as referenced entity for the console comand (and her ID number should appear on the center of the screen)
    4- press enter. the np’s inventory shoud appear listed in the screen.
    5- probably you will find something like “826 Basket (xxxxxxxx)” with means that the npc is carring 826 glitchy baskets. we will delete then. xxxxxxxx is the basket id. have in mind that code.
    6- type “removeitem xxxxxxx 826”, if the kid was de-selected, click her again and press enter.
    7- it shoud work now!

    • admin

      YAY! Thank you for the very good walk-through on how to repair that issue. I’m on a PS3, so it is not going to help for me (until I get the PC version one day), but there are a lot of people that are on the PC this will help out. Thank you Paixão.

  • Jinxie

    Any updates on this?

    • Jinxie

      For the PS3 version, that is. Driving me batty!

    • admin

      I have not played Skyrim in a while – since I got Final Fantasy XIV, but I will look into if I can find any possible fixes. So far the only one I know is to save before adoption, then go straight to your house and check the child can be given things before you overwrite your save so you can back up to adopt them again until they can accept gifts. This, however, may or may not work.

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