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Someone in Days Gone is going to get left for the Freakers

I resumed my game today and walked back to where my bike had been left after I got some parts and gas at the mechanic and… some asshole is going to be dragged out into the wilds and left tied up for the freakers to rip apart if I catch whoever the hell it was that thought this was a good idea.

I am going to let it slide this time. I’ll pretend that it was just lots of rains made the ground extra muddy and my bike sank on its own. My older brother’s Goldwing once fell over because the heat had caused the kickstand to sink into the asphalt of a parking lot after all, so… but I swear, if I catch the bastard, or bastards, who thought this was a good idea – they’re going to regret messing with my ride.

Of all the glitches I have seen happen in the game; enemies not falling outta trees for days at a time, dead bodies in campsites for days after an attack, birds entangled in buildings, and we’re not even going to talk about the weird things Deacon’s left arm does when he puts his binoculars away (I tried to take a screenshot of the binoculars, it was bad!)… but, I saw this glitch and just had to laugh and have some fun with it. It’s the kind of stupid military prank that I could see disgruntled millitia members pulling while Deacon was sleeping.

How about you? Seen any glitches in the game that were just too amusing or awesome not to enjoy?

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